All about best strategies for online slots games

Although a lot of gamblers state there is no sense to use some strategies while playing land-based or online slots games, there are still a lot of different methods which are widely exploited in gamblers' circle. Of course, clever players would not claim that there is a strategy which allows them to win constantly but it seems that some of elaborated systems are really useful.

Among most widespread strategies for online slots games are one-play strategy and bankroll management strategy. Let us describe them briefly, so you would decide whether it is worth to use them.

One Play Strategy

One play strategy is rather simple to exploit and in certain circumstances it could bring really good results. The main concept that lies behind the strategy is that gamblers should start to play the maximum possible amount on slot machine. If they are lucky to win, they need to continue playing on the same machine and in the opposite case players are recommended to change the apparatus.

Let assume that eventually you find the machine that pays. If the amount of winnings is between 1 and 3 multiplied your initial wager, then you might play this machine only one time more. If slots machine pays 4 and more times your bet, then it would be better to play on it up to three times and then stop.

The explanation for the strategy is very simple: there are some machines, so-called cold machines, that do not pay out and you would just waste money playing on them. It is much more effective to find hot machines playing on which you could easily recover all your previous losses and earn profit.

Bankroll Management Strategy

Bankroll management strategy is based on principle that online slots games provide the house edge like all other casino games. So the main aim of a successful player should be to get as many winning combinations as it is possible before he or she runs out of a bankroll. According to the theory that lies behind bankroll management strategy each winning combination brings you closer to hitting a jackpot. There are several tips that could help slot beginner to exploit this method in practice:

  • You could spread out your funds if choose to play on slot machines with small bet values;
  • Dividing your bankroll into parts would help you to keep playing for longer time. There are always such periods when slot machine does not pay at all and it is better to wait till this period is over making minimum possible bets during it;
  • Try to find a slot machine which pays out proportionally to your bets' value. In this case you do not have an incentive to make maximum value bets;
  • In case you have won during some of playing sessions it is better to put winnings aside so you would not spend all the money at once.

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