User agreement

The casinos that must follow these rules and regulations are all jackpots casino, slots casino and first web casino. The users of any of these casinos should follow certain rules. You have to become familiar with rules of any casino before joining the casino. You have to assure that you won't open an account or participate in any promotional events or accept any kind of winnings from any casino unless you understand the rules of the casino and abide them without any objections.

Agree or disagree

If you are not interested to agree the terms and conditions of this site, then never click on the box "I agree". Never register to the site and use the any casino, if you don't understand the regulations of the site. The company referred in the terms and conditions as "company/our/we/us/ is Squareit, Ltd and its directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and affiliates. You referred in the terms and conditions is the gambler/player of the casino. The casinos are protected by the treaties and laws of intellectual property as well as the treaties and laws of copyright.

Modification of terms and conditions

The company has the right to change, revise or add the terms and condition without prior notice. The terms and conditions changed can be viewed on each casino and also on The user has the responsibility to check the changes made in terms and conditions and the changes will become immediately effective after posting it on the web. If the player is not interested to follow the rules changed, then the player should not use the casino. If you want to continue the use of the casino, then you have to accept the terms and conditions. So if you are not cancelling your account from the casino even after the changes in the terms and conditions, then the site will understand that you agree with new terms and conditions published here. And you have to follow the terms and conditions of the site accordingly.