All about most common myths: read and stop deluding yourself

It is naturally that slots games are surrounded with a huge amount of different and sometimes absolutely unreliable myths and superstitions. Actually, this feature is inherent in all games that involve interference of luck and money investing. Although there are a lot of rational people among gamblers, but even most imposing of them prefer not to violate unspoken slots rules and traditions.


Let us introduce you some interesting myths and rumors concerning various slots rules and slots tips.

Myth - 1. In order to win you need to play on one slot machine all the time

Regarding the fact that slots games' winnings depend mostly on fortune' favor there is no difference whether you play on one machine for either 5 minutes or 5 hours: the odds of getting a jackpot do not change at all. So, if you perceive that your luck is not near, just change the machine and play enjoyably without any hesitations.

Myth – 2. Casinos could manipulate slot machines' results

Nowadays, almost all slot machines work according to the principle of Random Number Generator (RNG)б which is usually built in their body. Gamblers should not worry that there exists some mythical button that casinos' owners use to manipulate slots' jackpots. The least thing casinos want is being caught at cheating, because in this case they would lose much more than could potentially gain from cheating.

Myth - 3. It is not worth to continue playing at the same slot machine if it has just paid out

The explanation for this statement is similar to the first myth's disclosure. Slot machines are controlled by RNG and thus, the fact that you have just won does not lead to conclusion that your next bet would not be a winning one. In slot machines there are equal chances to win or lose for each round of the game and they are not dependant on previous results.

Myth – 4. There some factors like shape, size or temperature of coins that could influence on the size of winnings

You should disregard this myth completely as all the characteristics of slots' coins cannot affect the chances of whether you win or not. Again, the only thing that determines this is a Random Number Generator (RNG) and it is silly to doubt about its preferences concerning the temperature or color of the coins.

Myth – 5. Players who use bills have more chances to win than those who play with coins

It is rather a widespread myth but it has no rational background. Slot machines do not care which method of playing - with bills or coins - you use and your chances to win remain the same.

Myth – 6. Traditional land-based casinos pay more than online casinos

Actually, the situation is so that the reality is exactly the opposite of this statement. According to statistics players have more chances to win in online casinos than in usual ones just because of lower casino slot machine odds and higher payout rates that online casinos offer.