Casino slots types and variations

It has been stated a lot of times that slots games are not very difficult and slots rules among all their variations are very similar. Nevertheless, slot machines have been always in use and the reason for such popularity is a great variety of slot types that makes the game exciting and interesting.

It is impossible to define whether there are the best casino slots because different players prefer to play different types of slots, thus the choice depends on gamblers' goals, ambitions and financial resources. Anyway, it is important to know specific characteristics of various slots, especially for slot beginner, in order not to find yourself absolutely confused in the middle of the game process.

Classic slots

Traditional or classic slots are the first types of slots that have been used in slot machines' designs. They usually offer only 3 reels and just 1 payline, which is depicted on the middle row of the reels. Players could play both single and multiple coins in these apparatus, but the latter way of playing implies that gamblers might get higher payouts if they hit a winning combination. The most widespread examples of classic slots are Cash Splash, Pharaoh's Fortune, Wow Pot and Diamond 7s.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots differ from other types in that way that they are tightly connected to the size of jackpot. To make it clear, there is a relationship between the value of jackpot and quantity of game's sessions. The more gambler play, the larger potential jackpot he or she could win. If you are a kind of player who is fond of progressive slots, we would recommend you to try Swiss Casino, which offers a wide range of different progressive online slots games.

Multiplier slots

Multiplier slots could be designed in a form of either traditional 3 Reels Slots Machine or its advanced version, 5 Reels Slots Machine. In both cases multiplier slots offer more than one payline, which increases players' chances to win. There are versions that provide three, five, fifteen and more paylines and the decision which one to choose is completely up to gamblers. The paylines could be depicted as vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines on reels. Some multiplier slots could even include paylines that look like rather odd combinations of slanted and crooked lines. If you are eager to try this kind of slots, we would recommend you to try Fruit Fiesta, Flower Power or Treasure Nile games.

Video slots

Video slots were firstly presented in 1980s and have rapidly found their ardent admirers. These machines are not equipped with traditional spinning reels and instead of them some high tech technologies are used, which allow you to observe a computer simulation of these reels on a video display. Video slots could be designed in a various forms, which include multiplier, multi-liners slots, etc. And if some enthusiastic slot beginners look for the best casino slots, we would recommend them to try different types of video slots. Enjoy the best casinos, check out our list at

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